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Last updated on 1/31/2022.
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Using The Data Panel

JSON Mode allows you to define your snippet's Data Extension structure and data utilizing json syntax.

For those familiar with the JSON syntax, here's an example of how the Data Extension definition looks in JSON format:

                        "fieldsDefinition": [
                            "Name": "EmailAddress",
                            "CustomerKey": "Email",
                            "FieldType": "EmailAddress",
                            "IsRequired": true,
                            "IsPrimaryKey": false
                            "Name": "IsCustomer",
                            "CustomerKey": "customer",
                            "FieldType": "Boolean",
                            "IsRequired": false,
                            "IsPrimaryKey": false
                        "values": [
                            "contactkey": "12",
                            "EmailAddress": "",
                            "IsCustomer": true

Important: When defining your Data Extension in JSON mode you don't need to specify the ContactKey column.

Add a field definition to the fieldDefinition's array specifying the following properties: